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BlastFM Limited Music Art API Support

• Our API system requires several parameters to be included in the calling URL, some of which are required, API access will not be granted unless all required parameters are present, so before we go any further, you cannot make an API call without the necessary credentials.

The API parameters are listed here for your information.

• Artist (The name of the artist to be looked up [*Required])
• Track (The name of the track to be looked up [Optional, if omitted, the artist only will be looked up])
• API (Your unique API key [*Required])
• Domain (The domain from which the call is being made, only required for statistical purposes [Optional])

• Note: Our API system also accepts custom ASCII characters as listed below that we use to work around certain software limitations.
%hyphen can be used in an API query URL to work around problems with radio stations and specifically, the hyphen character.
Our API will replace all instances of %hyphen with - when found in either the Artist or Title parameters.
It is also worth noting that the Php function rawurlencode can be used to encode the URL for the API request but it does not encode -, _, . or ~ so we would suggest that you use a str_replace function to encode these characters before making the API request.

$find = array('-', '_', '.', '~');
$replace = array('%2D', '%5F', '%2E', '%7E');'
$encoded = str_replace($find, $replace, $not_encoded);

Information about the meta data format for sending requests to our API can be found here.

• Note: All query strings should be lower case when an API call is being made although this is not a specific requirement of our API.
More information and some basic examples are available at: https://api.blastfmmusicart.com/index.php

You can see our systems making frequent API calls and generating images based on the results here.

If you require technical support, either for this website or for our API system, please comment here or send us a message on our contact page and we wil reply as soon as humanly possible.

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