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About BlastFM Music Art

BlastFM Music Art was originally designed and developed in response to LastFM's changes to their API policy back in 2019 which left all of our radio station players without images overnight.


We had to come up with a system that would deliver images to our players and the players themselves needed to be updated to connect to our new system. We built the system very quickly and had an API operational within a couple of days, we also built this website and multiple plugins that allow us to manage API keys and our image library.


Since that time, once we had everything working again, we had to begin the task of adding all of the images to the system, following certain protocols that determine the image size and ratio, the artist and song title entries and associated meta tags and data.


We now have a system which is very robust and servers all of our radio station players with images and also some web pages where we display images for the current song.


Although the system was originally developed and built in some haste, it has proved to be very good and reliable and has already provided hundreds of thousands of images and it is something we at BlastFM Limited are very proud of and consider it one of our greatest achievements to date.

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